Using A Pilates Ball To Improve Your Fitness

Pilates is an exercise program that helps to strengthen and get a person more flexible in sophisticated but easy to do movements. Mostly Pilates exercises can be accomplished with just a mat and a determination to get fit. However Pilates allows you to do many advanced exercises that you could not otherwise do without one.

Pilates typically does not require the use of weights or sophisticated gym equipment. That is what makes it so popular with many people. You can do a Pilates routine in the comfort of your home or you can join a fitness gym to practice with an instructor. In many advanced classes or DVDs that you might use at home the use of a Pilates ball will eventually come into play.

The Pilates ball makes the exercises you perform a bit more advanced and possibly more difficult. However, that is a good thing as it will strengthen your core with more focus than if you did not have a Pilates ball.

The Pilates ball is chosen based on your height and weight. You do not want the ball to be over inflated. The fitness gyms will typically have the Pilates ball set at the correct inflation but if you are using one at home it will be easy to put too much air in it. Make sure to read the manufacturer's instruction for inflation.

The Pilates ball makes your moves more difficult and advanced. The instability of the ball during the exercise makes your core do more work than if you were not using one. Other exercises can be made easier if you are doing exercises where you place your legs on the ball for support.

For some floor exercises many find the floor too hard. The same exercise or variation can be performed on the Pilates ball which cuts down on the discomfort. It can also work out your entire body causing the least discomfort or damage to your muscles and particularly those in your back. When performing an exercise right on the Pilates ball you are likely to see a double effect of your performance as it focuses more toward your core.

The Pilates ball has interesting uses other than exercises as well. Many people use it as a stool to sit on. The instability of the ball as you sit on it forces your core muscles to work when otherwise they may not. Simply sitting in a chair relaxes your muscles and sometimes encourages people to slump. You will find that the Pilates ball will help you develop good posture.

A Pilates ball makes a wonderful exercise tool. It can enhance your exercises to strengthen your core as well as support you on to other exercises to make your movements more comfortable.