Improve Your Strength With An Exercise Ball

An exercise ball is a great tool that can be used to strengthen your abs as well as help you reach those muscles that are difficult to tone. One great feature about an exercise ball is that it helps you with your balance and overall coordination which can help with any exercise plan.

The exercise ball is also known as the Swiss ball, stability ball, and flexibility ball. Basically, an exercise ball is just a large, inflated, rubber ball.

There are many different exercises that you can perform with an exercise ball. Some common exercise are the "back extension", "ball balance", "butt lift", and the "ab roll". Details for each of these exercises will be explained in other sections of our site.

Because you are using a ball to perform an exercise, it provides instability. Instability requires that a person maintains their balance during the exercise. By maintaining ones balance, core body muscles are utilized which brings about increased strength and flexibility.

There are a multitude of resources available that show you how to use an exercise or fitness ball as well as lots of places to shop to buy your own. Continue exploring our site and watching for new material as we strive to provide the best exercise ball guide on the internet.